Diversity and Inclusion

We stand for inclusive growth and that philosophy is at the very core of our ability to serve our clients well and to maximize return for our shareholders.

We work on creating an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can contribute, share and evolve ideas and execute them using a team spirit. The people we hire can be found only by drawing from the broadest pool of applicants and they have the right to expect a workplace in which the richness of their lives and experience is welcomed and valued by their teams and by the firm.

Inclusive Growth
We believe in inclusive growth, for three reasons:

For the Firm
We strive for excellence. To be the best firm we must have the best people, and the best people are drawn from the broadest pool of applicants. The people we hire can be found only by looking across the full spectrum of our own employees, partners, suppliers and customers. We engage everyone to be a part of our collective growth.

For our People
Ours is a culture of team-work. For our teams to excel, all members must feel that they are operating in an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports differences, and that encourages input from all perspectives.

For our Clients
Our clients’ interests always come first. To continue to provide our clients with creative ideas and solutions for operating effectively in a complex global economy, we must be fully capable of dealing with different cultures in an informed manner.