Aligning Compensation and Performance

Our compensation framework adheres to pay-for-performance principles that align the interests of our employees with the long-term interest of our shareholders.

We expect our shareholders to hold us accountable for the way in which we carry out our compensation principles.

Pay-for-Performance Principles

1.  Company Performance: Compensation should be aligned with overall business performance. Compensation growth and revenue growth should be tied directly to each other 

2.  Employee Performance: Compensation should be aligned with overall employee performance and the long-term interests of the firm, and encourage real teamwork. Performance needs to be assessed over time utilizing a comprehensive evaluation process. 

3.  Risk Management: Compensation should discourage excessive risk taking. 

4.  Attracting and Retaining Employees: Our people have been the key contributor to the success of Via and to generating industry-leading returns.

5.  Align Employee and Shareholder Interests.