Our Investors

Indo US Venture Partners

Indo US Venture Partners is a leading venture capital firm which provides early and mid-stage funding to new or growing businesses in India. Our team comprises experienced entrepreneurs and executives who understand the model of incubating ideas and transforming them into successful enterprises.

We understand that entrepreneurs are driven by an inner urge to foster change and build enduring companies. These entrepreneurs create path-breaking ideas, enable inorganic growth, and work to transform society for the better. We believe entrepreneurship is not about qualifications or past track records; visionary entrepreneurs can emerge from all walks of life.

It is our privilege to fund these entrepreneurial ideas and offer collaborative partnerships. We invest in tomorrow's business leaders, explosive new markets and enterprises that will transform our future.

We foster close partnerships with our portfolio companies, and build strong relationships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect. At Indo US Venture Partners we are committed to redefining Indian entrepreneurship and are excited about India's potential to be an innovative player in the global market. Our approach to investing and our philosophy of building successful companies makes us the ideal partner for entrepreneurs.

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Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital in India has invested in more than fifty companies during the past decade catering to the founders, families and management who have selected us as their business partners. With offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi, Sequoia Capital has a mixture of local experience and global ties that let us work with great entrepreneurs to help build market leading companies.

We have learned that the only way to develop a fabulous company is one step at a time. This only happens if the company makes wonderful products or delivers a service that thrills large numbers of customers. If that occurs then founders, management, and employees of these companies prosper. It is only then that the investor deserves to be rewarded. It has to happen in that order. There are no shortcuts.

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